What Are The Best Uses For Carpet Tiles?

Posted on November 10, 2016 By

14Carpet tiles are an excellent flooring solution for all sorts of settings. Traditionally used in schools and offices, they are increasingly being utilised in an array of environments as the range of colours and designs grows. This combined with their many other benefits is making them more and more popular. Listed here are a few of their best uses and maybe some flooring inspiration!


As already stated, schools have long used carpet tiles due to their excellent durability combined with comfort under foot, sound absorbing qualities and the ability to be able to easily replace stained or damaged sections. Now available in a huge range of colours and designs, they can also be custom made to incorporate your own designs and logos.


As with schools, carpet tiles are ideal for nurseries, offering both comfort and durability. Highly practical for young children where damage or spills may occur, whilst also providing a comfortable surface on which to sit, that is soft to touch and absorbs noise. Bold and bright colours can be used to create engaging design, warmth and different zones in open plan areas.

Care Homes

Great for practicality whilst also offering a more homely feel than harder flooring options, carpet tiles are ideal for care homes, especially in communal living areas. The range or colours available means there’s a great choice of tones and styles to ensure the right atmosphere can be created.


With the expansion of colours, bold designs and luxury ranges available, carpet tiles are increasingly used in homes. Great for play rooms and children’s bedrooms, they are hardwearing and allow for creativity with colour and design. Or you can create a large rug from carpet tiles, using one colour or by styling your own, with stripes, chequer boards or randomly with different colours and patterns. Another benefit of using this kind of flooring in the home is that they are very easy to install, making them an economic choice as you can fit them yourself.


Like schools, carpet tiles have been found in commercial environments for many years. A cost effective choice as they are easy to transport and install, they are ideal for larger areas. Perfect for offices used for admin, leisure or public sector purposes, they are designed to withstand high traffic. They can also be used to zone areas, for example by using a different colour for breakout areas or to mark out a walkway, or to create a border in a room.

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